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Friday, October 15, 2010

NBC's Today Show - Sun 10/17

Stay tuned to NBC's Today Show on Sunday, 10/17 as Jenna Wolfe adventures into the Amazing Maize Maze at Queens County Farm Museum and gets lost!

Amber Ford, Jenna Wolfe, Laurie Brown, Elizabeth Van Meter

Don & The National Theatre of China

Don meets with members of The National Theatre of China, as we embark on a new endeavor. The Final Struggle is a family drama that is both revolutionary and profound, revealing the inside of a culture so foreign yet so personal. It's the first of its kind created in China, displaying the opposite sides of the political spectrum within a family built within the Communist Party. The play has recently been translated into English, with hopes of a production in the United States next winter.

From left to right: Liu Tiegang, Producer of The Final Struggle; Zhang Zhi Qiang, President of The National Theatre of China; Don Frantz, President of Town Square Productions, Inc.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Amazing Maize Maze in CHINA!

And by mere coincidence, Li Jing, from the Chinese Press joined Laurie at the Amazing Maize Maze at Queens County Farm Museum this weekend. The final piece will be sent to over 200 affiliates in China next week!

The Trees that Inspired the Story

And even more photos!