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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


..and they talk about that sometimes there is some drinking.

I decided to do a scientific study. Is this a myth, urban legend among lightweight foreigners?

I took my Canon S90 to dinner. And once the dinner got into swing I attempted to record the toasts in a 90 second period.

I warn canon is good but there is a 3 second pause between shots…so I missed a bunches!!

If you see 2 shots of the same people drinking…it was just that 2 shots!

If you see me…well yeah I gave the camera to my assistant.

The minute started with a dance by YuRong and ended with another by everyone.

After this…another 90 seconds..and another…

In another more theoretical study of the in this situation consider the math…there are 22 people at dinner. Each one of them will personally toast every other person. And so as not to be a rude citizen of the Mongolian tribe, the other person will eventually toast back. That’s 44 shots of baijiu or their special high grassland tequila.

Even though I opted for the beer in the second round of 22 toasts…..the 15 day rehearsal was knocked down to 14 ½ since the next morning was unintelligible.

Nevertheless I consider my study of the local customs a success and my admiration of the people of Inner Mongolia furthered by each toast.

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